Interview with Shinnosuke Uchida 2020 Edition (5th and final)




Manga, future, art theory, life stories, etc.

shinnosuke uchida(2019)

shinnosuke uchida(2019)


--Interview, is it a little long? All right?


Uchida? No problem? I was a person who delivered for 12 hours yesterday! ?? (Lol)


―― (Laughs) It's reliable!



This and that of manga


――Please tell us the origin of the pen name "Shinnosuke Uchida".


Uchida: I'm often asked, but this is my real name when I was born a boy.


――If you were born a boy, you would have been "Shinnosuke".


Uchida: That was the plan. This is the name that the parents prepared.


――Ah, by the way, you may have heard it before. It was thought that a boy would be born.


Uchida: That's right. The obstetrics and gynecology teacher said, "This child is a boy," so my parents were thinking about the boy's name. In the case of a girl, I was thinking of only one name.


--I see.


Uchida: I was thinking of only one girl's name ... I was a girl when I was born (laughs), but I think it was good to use the current name of "Shinnosuke".


――Of course, it's your favorite.


Uchida: That's right. "Shinnosuke" is more suitable for me than my real name.


――It's almost like your real name.


Uchida: Since I moved to Tokyo and started activities, there are too few people involved with my real name, so I usually go through with "Shinnosuke". I think most people don't know their real names.


――By the way, Miss. Uchida has a license as an art teacher, but what kind of teacher would he have been if he had become an art teacher?


Uchida: Hey, do you think it's a great textbook? (Lol)


――Is it like "Oh, isn't that okay?" (Lol)


Uchida: I think it's like "Because art is free! Do whatever you want!" (Laughs)


――Is Miss. Uchida's artistic orientation and making things influenced by your family and relatives?


Uchida: No, not at all. The family is really not interested in anyone. Regarding the picture. But ... there are relatives who draw pictures. There is an illustrator. But I haven't been influenced by it. Did you know later?




Uchida: My parents' house has few manga and books. Because it's a type that parents don't read much. There was nothing special about the environment.


--I see. I would like to ask you a few points about manga and manga live paint. Are there any themes that are common to Mr. Uchida's works?


Uchida Cyberpunk (laughs)


――Do you have a favorite character in your work? ... Well, I think there are ...


Uchida: There is no such thing as "this is it!" For the character.


――Ah, it seems like everyone is cute?


Uchida: I like everything, and basically the characters are constantly updating. I like the character I draw at that time the most.


――What do you pay most attention to when drawing characters?


Uchida: What is it ... Facial expression.


――It's important, isn't it?


Uchida: Basically, everyone has the same face (laughs)


――That's not true. Recently, the facial expressions of the characters are especially good.


Uchida: Is that true?


――Somehow flexibility came out and I said, "Oh, that's good."


Uchida (laughs) Is it flexible? There is no!


――No, there is.


Uchida: I'm happy that's the case ...

――Please tell us if you have any recommended manga.


Uchida: It's "AKIRA" ... I don't read much manga. I'm sorry ...


――Then, what about the work "This was done!" Or "I can't beat this person!"?


Uchida: There are many (laughs)


―― (Laughs) Well, that's right.


Uchida: That's all for professionals. It feels amazing.


――Then, I know Yabo, but of course the manga artist I admire ...


Uchida Katsuhiro Otomo! (Lol)


--Hahaha! (Laughs) Rather ... dare to use "Katsuhiro Otomo"! Really…. Oh, who are the manga artists and artists who are close friends?


Uchida: Well (laughs) I don't know because there are so many ... Especially, "this person!" Ken Maeda has been getting along well, so ... I wonder if everyone who comes to TwitCasting is getting along well.


--Thank you smile)


Uchida Thank you (laughs)



This and that of life


――What kind of person do you respect other than manga artists and artists?


Uchida: What I respect is my mother.


--Oh. Mother.


Uchida Yes. Mother. All mothers in the world respect me.


――After all ... Yeah.


Uchida: Because I can't be myself ... I respect my mother. Even if it looks like this.


――Because mothers are big, they exist.


Uchida: That's right. Because they are people who are doing things that they can never do.


-I see. … By the way, do you come up with something that you shouldn't do as a person?


Uchida: Well, there are many ... There are many (laughs)


-Well, it's unforgivable. Uchida-san.


Uchida: To punish others. Well ... it's a betrayal, isn't it?


――It's a mean thing, isn't it?


Uchida: I think there are various things.


-- What is your motto?


Uchida: "It is not the parents or the company that prevents the realization of my dreams, but my laziness."


--Thank you!



Shinnosuke Uchida talks about the future

shinnosuke uchida(2019)

shinnosuke uchida(2019)

――So, I have a question about the future. Is there anything you would like to try in the future?


Uchida ... Band (laughs)


――The band says quite a bit (laughs) You want to play bass guitar, right?


Uchida: I want to do a base, but I have no sign of motivation ...! (Laughs) Well, anyway, regarding painting ... If you're an artist, it's a domestic expedition. I want to do it outside of Tokyo. It may be a little different from the challenge, but ... After that, I would like to distribute live paint. After all, I want to do more distribution system.


――Where will you place your base if you decide to start a business in the future?


Uchida base? (Laughs) Hmm. If you think about it realistically, of course Tokyo would be nice, but ... some island is good (laughs)


--island! (Laughs) Island ... Good!


Uchida: The ideal place is a nice view.


――When you start a business, what kind of business do you want to focus on?


Uchida: After all, the main subject is apparel, and when there is an event, I feel like going to live paint. After all, the basics are apparel.


――I'm going to do live painting as something like branding.


Uchida: Yes. It's difficult to just paint live, so goods. I think it's that system.


――How old do you want to be a manga live painter?


Uchida: Hmm ... I want to do it as long as possible.


--In active life!


Uchida: That's right.


――Then, I'll ask you ... How do you spend your old age?


Uchida: I want to gather single people and live in a share house (laughs) Single ... Well, with people who didn't get married. It's okay to be alone now, but I think it's better to live with someone if you take Toshi.


――If you live alone, you won't notice even if you fall down in the room.


Uchida: That's right. I think it's hard to change the light bulbs, so I want to support each other and live.


――What if your wish comes true?


Uchida: Anything? (Laughs) ... A healthy body.


--Oh. Really ...! ?? Isn't it pretty healthy now? Further? ??


Uchida: I'm healthy, but I don't think I'll get hurt or get sick in the future.


――Ah (laughs) Do you want to be invincible?


Uchida: I want to be invincible!


--A future that promises a life free from injury and illness?


Uchida: That's right.



Shinnosuke Uchida's theory of art and ...

――What kind of person do you think is suitable for artists?


Uchida: A person who loves loneliness.


――That's true. What is important as an artist?


Uchida: Hmm ... It's important to prioritize artist activities above all else. I like playing games and entertainment, but I think it's more important that I like my paintings and activities.


――It's time to face your work and love.


Uchida: That's right. If the priority goes down, you probably won't be able to do it.


--This is the last question. What does Manga Live Paint mean to Miss. Uchida?


Uchida (laughs)


――It ’s a little amazing, is n’t it? This abstract question is! (Laughs) But I think I can't remove this!


Uchida: Ah ... yeah! ?? (Laughs) What is live paint ...? ?? ??


――It's kind of like the last of "Professional" (laughs)


Uchida: That's right, right? (Laughs) ... After all ... It's going to be "life". this is.


-"Life"? It's going to happen ... it's good. Thank you for tonight!


Uchida Thank you.



After the interview


Shinnosuke Uchida seemed to be full of passion. Still, her story is the talkativeness seen in people with high head rotations. Moreover, it was spoken with words that hit the target.


Rickson Gracie, a fighter known for "400 undefeated", answered "skill" without hesitation when asked what was the most important of the three "mind, skill, and body". There is an episode that it was. I remember being impressed with the idea that the average person couldn't reach the idea of ​​a first-class person.


However, isn't it Shinnosuke Uchida who goes above that? I want to develop the inference that. This is because she can only think that she is living with the three "mind, skill, and body" in the highest level.


Not to mention the technique of painting and manga. He has mental and physical toughness, and he must feel that he is quite conscious about that. As Uchida says in this article, the craving for a healthy body speaks for itself.


In terms of technology, I think Uchida embodies the ancient phrase, "You can only become an artist who entertains people after you have acquired a high level of technology." I'm sure he's a true artist.


Furthermore, regarding "heart", the three pillars of "love for Katsuhiro Otomo as a reader", "love for manga live paint as an artist", and "love for an audience as an entertainer" have been established, which is almost perfect. It looks like it.


Uchida says, "Manga live paint is life." After all, if you push things to the ultimate, you will reach such a place.


Being able to live in the same era as such an excellent artist, get acquainted, and be able to do an interview like this is due to the invisible hand of God beyond luck. I feel something every day. For a while, the experience of taking a picture of Shinnosuke Uchida's manga live paint pattern will be an unforgettable memory for the rest of my life, and I think it is a kind of honor.


I feel fortunate that I was able to draw out a lot of Uchida's stories, which are full of wise sayings and wise sayings, but maybe the readers may feel something unsatisfactory. If so, that is my lack of power. Please forgive me.



Last but not least, I would like to thank Shinnosuke Uchida for responding to the interview. Thank you very much. We would like to thank all our readers for staying with us so far.


May 20, 2020 at home study in hopes of eradicating the new coronavirus

Ken Maeda

shinnosuke uchida(2019)

shinnosuke uchida(2019)